Our configure script can tell you if you are missing some libraries that root-portal needs, but there are a few libraries that it doesn't check or if it does check, then it doesn't check the version (we still aren't 100% familiar with autoconf). So if you have problems when compiling (or if you get binaries from somewhere, and have problems when installing/running), then you should check to make sure you have fairly recent versions of the following libraries:
  • GTK+
  • ZVT (usually comes with GNOME)
  • GNOME-XML (it seems that autoconf doesn't check this at the moment)
    You'll need version 1.x (version 2.x isn't supported at present)
  • libstdc++ (root-portal is written in C++ so you'll need this)
When compiling from source you will need "dev" (development) versions of the above packages, as well as the actual libraries. You don't need to be running GNOME to use root-portal, but you do need to have the libraries installed.  We may in the future make compilation without GNOME possible.  The --without-gnome option doesn't actually work.  It used to in older versions but because new versions (since 0.4.x) use the GNOME-XML for the config file it hasn't been possible to continue this option.  If you are unable to get GNOME on your system you might try a 0.3.x version, available from our ftp site (not from the main downloads page). The old version doesn't have a config tool, so it will be significantly harder to configure.
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