Running without GNOME
As of version 0.4.6 it is possible to run without GNOME. At the moment running without GNOME you will not have a configurator. So things will be a bit more difficult to configure. Also because the config file format is XML using GNOME-XML, this also can't be read. Instead commands can be placed in a file that is read line-by-line into root-portal's internal module structure.
  1. when building from source run configure with the option "--without-gnome"
  2. create a file ~/.root-portal/command.input
If you have access to a computer that has the full version of root-portal installed, you can create the command.input file by running "root-portal -o command.input". Note that some of the commands that get put into the command.input file are not necessary. These are the queries ("get_value", "get_type", and "child_count"). These lines can safely be deleted.

If you don't have access to a computer that has the full version of root-portal, you will probably need to take this example file and modify it to suit your needs.

Anyone wishing to get root-portal working with another XML parsing library should have a look at the files tree_builder_xml.cpp and tree_saver_xml.cpp.

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