Root-Portal is a GNOME program that monitors files, processes etc and displays changes either directly to the desktop or in a transparent border-less window. This is useful for monitoring system logs and for providing feedback on system activities.

Activity on the project has been fairly quiet, however, still feel free to submit bug reports, and we will try to fix them.

Get the latest version from the Download section.

You can also build an RPM from the source tarball, by running:
rpm -ta root-portal-0.5.0.tar.gz

Any one interested in building binary packages for anything not already being built, should email me.

Root-Portal is kindly hosted by

Suggestions, bug reports, support requests and patches can be filed on the sourceforge project page. If you don't get a reply within a few days, please email me.

Suggestions, bugs etc can be submitted on our bug tracking page (you can still email us if you'd prefer).

If you want to be emailed when new releases come out, then register as a sourceforge user, login and add a watch on the file.

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